Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug, globally.

Its use is gaining more popularity, legally, and there are ongoing talks about making its use, both medicinal and recreational, legal where it is currently outlawed.

Granted, marijuana has its health benefit, and as a general rule, its use should not be criminalized. But it is still a scheduled drug and as such should be restricted.

Marijuana is not without its side effects, thanks to its psychoactive metabolites. These problems include…

The Addiction – which is quite common as the overstimulated brain now develops a dependence on the drug. ..

The Withdrawal symptoms – which are quite uncomfortable, making it difficult to quit the drug…

And the psychosis – which is often permanent, making the user a danger to himself/herself and to others.

When you smoke marijuana, the potent psychoactive metabolites is quickly absorbed by the bloodstream, reaching the brain very quickly, and leading to desirable effects such as euphoria, feelings of energy, or a state of relaxation.

But they also cause a few problems in the brain, including changes in perception and sense of judgement, distorted illusions of time and space, mood changes, hypervigilance, hyperexcitability, hallucinations and frank psychosis.

These are real dangers.

While we push for the use of marijuana, we must also be educated on the real dangers.

The wisdom, the say, lies in knowing the difference, or in this case, knowing when to stop.


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