Health versus work.

I was in the accident and emergency room recently and came across two different scenarios that really bothered me.

A young man in his thirties, asthmatic, and works as a security guard. This implies that his work situation involves standing for long hours, outside in the cold. This adversely affects his health and he always finds his way to the A and E, short of breath, with acute asthma attacks. I ask why he is still doing that job and he says, “There are no jobs”.

The second scenario: a middle aged man in his fifties, hypertensive, and a long distance “abnormal” truck driver. This implies that he is always on the road, and misses his doctor appointment, hence blood pressures are high. He had a light stroke which resolved 100% almost immediately, and was given a fitness certificate to return to work. Unknown to everyone, the light stroke damaged a part of the brain, which now starts to “spark”, causing seizures. There is a possibility that the seizures will continue due to the scar in his brain, meaning he might not be able to drive the long trucks anymore.

These are two scenarios of when work adversely affects health, and vice versa. It is hectic, because one has got to put food on the table, and the bills are not going to pay themselves.

~ KD

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