Domestic Violence

It goes by different names, but essentially, it addresses a situation in which a person is being assaulted by an intimate partner (I.e. a person they are romantically involved with), regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Much has been said about it over the years, and the general consensus includes the fact that the victim in such relationships should first of all leave!

It’s however unfortunate that most victims choose to stay!

And their aggressive partners continue the cycle of violence.

Why victims choose to remain in such relationships remain a mystery.

I met this lady in her mid-twenties, stuck in such relationship. Within the past two years, she had attempted suicide twice, the man had broken her right ankle, her left forearm, and had forced cleaning solution down her throat, joined with the fact that she was the breadwinner. But she chose to stay. That was despite interventions, including session with the psychologist.

It has become increasingly difficult to sympathize or empathize with victims of domestic violence who choose to remain in such toxic relationship. A word, they say, is enough for the wise.

One thought on “Domestic Violence

  1. “Why victims choose to remain in such relationships remains a mystery.”

    Let me know what you think about this.


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