Health professions are derived from Western, scientific medicine.

In this model of care, illness is considered as a result of a disease or pathology that is affecting the normal functioning of tissues and organs within the body.

Treatment goal this is restoring the function of these organs or preventing the progression of the disease.

Thus, sometimes, when you go to the hospital or health care centre, and these goals have been achieved, or if a specific disease is not identified, you will be discharged even if you think you ate not 100% okay.

We do know, however, that a special disease or diagnosis is not the only cause of the symptoms you experience, and that the patient’s problems may be multifactorial, uncertain, and more complex.

To be able to assist patients, thus, disease should be addressed and managed in the context of the patient, thus the bio-psycho- social approach to patient’s care.

More and more health professional these days are embracing the bio-psycho-social approach, which is an approach that addresses the biological illness or symptoms in the background of the psychological and socioeconomic / sociocultural context of the patients and their families.

~ phc

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