• Are you Chronically Fatigued?

    13 Aug 2021 by

    It is a known fact that sleep and rest are not the same thing, although many of us incorrectly confuse the two. We go through life thinking we’ve rested because we have gotten to sleep — but in reality we are missing out on the other types of rest we desperately need. The result is… Read more

  • Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

    4 Aug 2021 by

    Health promotion and disease prevention are two important components of public health. They share many goals, and there is considerable overlap between functions. They also sound alike and their functions and activities are synergistic. However, at the conceptual level, there are significant differences in their strategies and what they stand for. For starters, one focuses… Read more

  • Ectopic Pregnancy

    15 Jan 2021 by

    In my opinion, I believe ectopic pregnancy is one of the worst things that can happen to a woman – it’s like the pregnancy has come to kill the woman by all means possible. Not only will the woman (almost always) lose that tube, in most cases, without surgical intervention, the woman might lose her… Read more

  • Consultation Skills for Chronic Communicable & Non-Communicable Diseases.

    25 Nov 2020 by

    Most patients with chronic illnesses are usually previously diagnosed, they are likely to know their own diagnoses, and most times, they are already on some forms of regular medication. While most chronic illnesses are noncommunicable in nature, it is noteworthy that some infectious diseases run chronic courses. Common examples of chronic illnesses: Non-Communicable Diseases Hypertension,… Read more

  • Ethics Discussion: Patient Referral & Advocacy

    21 Oct 2020 by

    This is a discussion on the ethical dilemma of a family physician / general practitioner registrar: I am currently rotating through the adult clinical and I found this situation that got me thinking on what the role of a family physician could be in such scenario and how much of patient advocacy would be required.… Read more

  • Bio-Psycho-Social

    17 Oct 2020 by

    Health professions are derived from Western, scientific medicine. In this model of care, illness is considered as a result of a disease or pathology that is affecting the normal functioning of tissues and organs within the body. Treatment goal this is restoring the function of these organs or preventing the progression of the disease. Thus,… Read more

  • Domestic Violence

    17 Dec 2019 by

    It goes by different names, but essentially, it addresses a situation in which a person is being assaulted by an intimate partner (I.e. a person they are romantically involved with), regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Much has been said about it over the years, and the general consensus includes the fact that the victim… Read more

  • Needle-stick injury

    16 Dec 2019 by

    In today’s world of HIV and AIDS, one of the biggest health-worker’s nightmare is a needle -stick injury. This means that you are pricked by the same needle that had already gone into a patient’s body. Similar to this is splash injury in which the blood or body fluids of a patient splashes into places… Read more

  • HIV & Pregnancy

    16 Oct 2019 by

    What do you expect a doctor to do when you are pregnant, you are HIV positive, you have high viral load because you are not taking your treatment properly, and you decided to book for antenatal care late in your third trimester? This is one of the challenges we face as primary care doctors, because… Read more

  • Health versus work.

    2 Oct 2019 by

    I was in the accident and emergency room recently and came across two different scenarios that really bothered me. A young man in his thirties, asthmatic, and works as a security guard. This implies that his work situation involves standing for long hours, outside in the cold. This adversely affects his health and he always… Read more

  • Papsmear

    28 Sep 2019 by

    Ok, papsmear is a lifesaver. And cancer is a bully, and worse. Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable cancers in the world. Hence the need for females to do it periodically, even though it is not the nicest experience ever… And high risk females need to do it more frequently than the rest.… Read more

  • Marijuana

    28 Sep 2019 by

    Marijuana is the most commonly used illicit drug, globally. Its use is gaining more popularity, legally, and there are ongoing talks about making its use, both medicinal and recreational, legal where it is currently outlawed. Granted, marijuana has its health benefit, and as a general rule, its use should not be criminalized. But it is… Read more

  • International Safe Abortion Day

    28 Sep 2019 by

    Everywhere, and everyday, women have abortions, regardless of whether it is legal or not. #InternationalSafeAbortionDay 28 September is International Safe Abortion Day. The day was first celebrated as a day of action for decriminalization of abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean in 1990 by the Campaña 28 Septiembre. In 2011, the Women’s Global Network… Read more

  • Life & Health

    28 Sep 2019 by

    Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken. — Oscar Wilde. This is the first post on my new health/medical blog. We are talking about everyday life events, how they impact our lives, and vice versa; so stay tuned for more. It is designed to be mostly academic in nature, using terminologies that are routinely used… Read more

  • Hi 💝

    28 Sep 2019 by

    Hi. My name is Kemi, and welcome to The PHC Tribe. Kemi is a mum, doctor, author, and a primary health care practitioner. So, let’s talk about health. ~ Kemi OWONIBI

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