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This is a health blog, with focus of life in the primary health care, which in reality is our daily lives, the random decisions we make everyday, and how these impact our health, consciously or unconsciously

It emphasises the doctor-patient relationship, both from the doctor’s point of view, and hopefully also captures the patients’ views as well.

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Healthier Choices?

Making healthier lifestyle modifications to enhance healthier outcomes

Collaborative Care

Patient-centred care, holistic approach to patient management, community health prioritisation

Curative Care

Effective management of communicable and noncommunicable diseases, preventive and curative, effective referral system, rehabilitation

Illness – the state of being sick – is a state of diminished autonomy. The role of the health worker is essentially to support and encourage the patient until his/her autonomy is restored. adjust their dimensions.

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The PHC Tribe is a health blog focusing on health at the primaru care setting, and discussing the complex interactions between our health and our random. mundane life decisions.

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