Ectopic Pregnancy

In my opinion, I believe ectopic pregnancy is one of the worst things that can happen to a woman – it’s like the pregnancy has come to kill the woman by all means possible.

Not only will the woman (almost always) lose that tube, in most cases, without surgical intervention, the woman might lose her life. It’s just devastating.

The second most terrible thing about ectopic pregnancy is having two ectopic pregnancies, because if you had an ectopic pregnancy before, your are more at risk of having it again.


Okay, what is ectopic pregnancy? It is when you pregnancy plants and grows in the wrong place. Most ectopic pregnancies occur in the Fallopian tube, and generally, women have two Fallopian tubes. And without these tubes, you won’t be able to fall pregnant.

So, a woman whose only ‘crime’ is falling pregnant suddenly finds herself with her two tubes yanked out because of ectopic pregnancy, and she had to be counselled that she would never be able to fall pregnant again.


I’ve interacted with quite a number of women in this situation previously, especially those who have no children or who have one kid and wish to have more. And when they take the information calmly, I’m always tempted to think it’s either they don’t understand the implications or they are still in shock/denial.

If you’ve had two previous ectopic pregnancies, the chance of having a baby is almost ZERO.


The dilemma of ectopic pregnancy is further implicated in a trending story in which a woman had two ectopic pregnancy and no alive baby. She and her husband employed a domestic worker, and ten years down the line, she realised the five kids the domestic gave birth to in their home belonged to her husband.

It further stresses the need for any woman in this situation to decide on what to do. Not because your husband will cheat or not (you can’t decide for other people’s choices), but because you have the right to be happy.


The good news is that having two previous surgeries on your two tubes is NOT the end of your reproductive career. If you desire to be a mother, you can still have babies, it’s just going to be a little bit harder, more expensive, and more complicated.

Options include adoption, surrogacy, and other forms of assisted reproduction such as in vitro fertilisation (IVF). See your doctor for further information.


In other news, tubal causes and hormonal problems remain the two leading causes of infertility among women.

The tubes get blocked very easily, and one of the common reasons for tubal diseases is sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately, for most women, you don’t get the symptoms, but chlamydia and the gang will climb up to your tubes and destroy them, causing infertility when you’re ready to have baby.

Thus the need to protect yourself. If you’re single still busy with different men, or if you know that that guy is with other women, do not engage in unprotected sex. Use condom.


It’s always safer to detect ectopic pregnancy early, be for it becomes an emergency.

Once you begin to have any symptoms related to the ectopic, like abdominal pain, bleeding, dizziness, etcetera, it has become an emergency and you must undergo emergency surgery to save your life.


However, the best bet is to identify ectopic when you don’t have any symptoms, so that the surgical options can be planned better.

The only way to detect ectopic pregnancy early is by early ultrasound scan.

As soon as you confirm that you are pregnant, go and do a scan.

The major benefits are that the scan will help you give a correct date for your pregnancy, will check how many pre, and will also locate the baby – if the pregnancy is in the correct place or if it is an ectopic.


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